Welcome to the Warwick ELT!


Welcome to the Fifth Issue of ‘The Warwick ELT’!

We are very pleased to present to you our latest offering. Following the pattern of previous issues, the April 2017 edition of ‘The Warwick ELT’, presents articles from authors from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, bringing an insightful array of individual and contextualised experience to the fore; continuing healthy academic discussion in ELT.

This has been a very busy month in the Warwick ELT calendar, largely owing the 2017 IATEFL conference in Glasgow and our own intensive academic work here at Warwick. Nonetheless, we are extremely grateful to all those who were able to submit articles and we apologise for any delays incurred along the way. We continue to encourage and look forward to more contributions in more editions to come!

In this issue, Larissa Goulart da Silva, a recent University of Warwick graduate, in her article ‘Promoting Learner-Learner Interaction Through Tasks’, provides an overview of the benefits of using tasks to promote learner-learner interaction, with reference to the Brazilian context. Sarita Dewan, in her article ‘Plagiarism: Guns Do not Kill, It is People that Kill‘, discusses how school-age students may unwittingly copy the ideas of others, with reference to the Nepalese context.

For ease of access, each of the articles can be found hyperlinked below:

  1. ‘Promoting Learner-Learner Interaction Through Tasks’ by Larissa Goulart da Silva
  2. Plagiarism: Guns Do not Kill, It is People that Kill’ by Sarita Dewan

We hope you have a wonderful spring holiday!

Issue editor,

Frazer Smith



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